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I'm excited to be nearly done writing another short story. This one is about people in a cathedral. Their perceptions of the religious building are starkly contrasting. The story is about the allure of the ancient and the sacred, the desire for something transcendental and deep; or boredom with such notions, depending on one's passions.
Something that occurs to me while writing it is how much of myself is in the story. Not so much in the characters, but in the narrator. In the way the narrator describes them. My writing tends to have an observational feel to it. However, I appreciate that I'm not a neutral observer. I have a worldview; a perspective from which I view the world and talk about it. 
So I try to be as fair as I can in my stories, describing what I see. I try to describe more than I state conclusions. The idea is to depict a narrative that bears close resemblance to reality. Reality, in itself, says so much.

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