Story Themes

I have been writing in my spare time for quite a while now. One day, I was reflecting on my work, when it occurred to me that there are a number of recurring themes in my writing. The presence of these act as a window into my heart - they are things I dwell on and care about. I list some of these themes below:

"I know I keep saying this but try not to worry. Everything is going to plan. Honestly."

"Though in our loneliest moments, 
nobody sees us, 
and nobody knows what we are going through,
we matter. We are seen. 
At our lowest point, all is going to plan."

  • People change. Therefore people rely on anchors to not change.

"Yes, I am adapting over time. But I am changing - therefore I am variable, inconsistent, fallible."

  • The hunger for and joy of intimacy

"Why do I enjoy this intimacy so immensely? The deeper I get, the more satisfying it is for me..."

"...I've gotta be better, I've gotta do more, I've gotta be more."

"Massive swathes of time get lost, or more precisely, replaced, by the present situation we find ourselves in, and by new passions and priorities."