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Before I came to medical school, it never really sank in that working as a doctor would demand a lot of my time. That may sound ridiculous to you. It was naive of me.

I think I assumed that a medical career would primarily be intellectually demanding - that's a fundamentally different kind of demand. I think I also assumed that as a doctor, I would be given a pleasant amount of freedom, with which I would be able to choose, if I wished, to work agreeable hours, even if that meant forgoing a larger salary.

Now, however, I see how easily medicine could take over so much of my life, and not only because doctors work long hours. The profession is very hierarchical, and you spend many years climbing up the ranks. Therefore, there are exams to study for and experience to accrue and fierce competition for some jobs, especially if you want to work in a specific location. Of course, these issues apply to many professions, not just medicine.

I think I just assumed too much. That's wha…

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