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Novels tell a story. A narrative. For a period of time, the reader is shown the world from a different viewpoint to their own.

We are exposed to others' narratives all the time. They tend to be the narratives of people we have much in common with, because those are the kinds of people we tend to spend much of our time with. We gravitate towards people similar to ourselves.
So in that respect, art is unique. The consumer - the audience, the viewer, the reader - does not know the artist, and does not necessarily have much in common with him. Yet, the consumer experiences the artist's narrative because they are delving into his art.
Knowing that this will be the case for my own work - that is, that people who think very differently to myself will read it, and therefore be exposed to my narrative, an unfamiliar narrative - constantly reminds me of an inward battle I have when I write:  I want to represent how I see the world in an honest way. I want to tell a story how I would actu…

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