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Talking about myself

I really wrote those things
Three years ago, I was adamant that I did not want to write an autobiography. Now, I've changed my mind. Well... kind of.
I've kind of changed my mind. People Change, as I like to say. Many things have happened over the last three years. Things that have helped me to change.
I don't want to write an autobiography, but I feel like I would like to write something that is more directly about myself than my fiction projects are.
I would like to recall just a handful of moments in my life so far, and reflect on them.  I'd like to do a little research, come to some reasoned conclusions, and then bring the reader along with me as I take an analytical walk through these moments.
The benefit to myself of writing something like this is great. It's a chance to collect my thoughts; to remind myself of the past that I so easily forget. It's a chance to reflect on what has happened. So much has happened. It's a chance to do something about …

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