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The Rises

When I write stories, my instinct is to write about how I feel. How I feel varies with my mood and whatever I am experiencing at that time. The result is work that depicts a variety of emotions and experiences.

In his book "Down Not Out", Chris Cipollone describes human life as being made up of different seasons; some seasons marked by change, others by calm and stability. This really rings true for me. When I go back and read work that I haven't touched for a while, I can often recall the kind of season I was in when the ideas first came to me. Maybe it was a busy season. Or maybe it was the calm after a storm. Maybe I was feeling encouraged and motivated. Maybe I had been having a hard time, and I just wanted to lock myself indoors and write my heart out.

That being said, I notice that much of my most recent writing (ie. within the last year or so) comes from a place of deep sadness. I am in a season of persistent despair. I wish I could just shake it off and feel bet…

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