City of Stories - A pat on the back

This summer, I entered a short story writing competition called City of Stories. Free writing workshops were held in 21 libraries across London. Everybody who attended was invited to enter a 500-word story into the competition.

I am very pleased to share with you that my story, The Lady from the Wheelchair Space, was "Highly Commended". It will be published in an anthology, along with stories from the other winners across London.

I've been posting on this blog for years now, but sharing stories with others is still very new to me. When medicine feels like it has swallowed me whole, this is one of those rays of light that come in and remind me that there's a world outside. This is an encouraging pat on the back.

I will be reading The Lady from the Wheelchair Space at an open mic event in Central Library, Bexleyheath, on Thursday 15th November. All are welcome, and will receive a free copy of the City of Stories anthology. Book here.

Thank you God.