Shelley Manor Medical Centre and Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth
Here, as I look towards the future, I'm excited, but not because I can see what lies ahead. Rather, I'm excited because of my passions. My passions give my life direction and purpose. I'm excited by these things. I'm excited by what God has placed in front of me. The people I've met here in Bournemouth. The encouraging doctors and other staff. The friendships. The interactions and the revelations that have helped to shape in my mind what to do next.

Better by Atul Gawande. I read this book
as a sixth former, but I only recently came
to appreciate its relevance to me. 
That said, the risk with dwelling on what to do next is that I start to believe that my life right now is simply a foreword, or a period of build up, before my life truly begins. I think the hierarchical system we have here in the UK may be partly to blame for that sense that we only truly start living once we have reached adulthood (whatever that means), or when we finish full-time education, or get our first full-time job, or move out of the family home, or get married or [insert life milestone of your choice].

But I also think this is down to my tendency to idolise things and even idolise myself, falling into the trap of thinking I've gotta be better, I've gotta do more, I've gotta be more.

I will never be satisfied by milestones. Any completed goals will, in time, be replaced with new ones. I am confident of this.

So, rather than only looking ahead and yearning for distant plains where the grass is greener, I also want to see the value of this time. 

Here, as I look towards the future, I'm excited, and I'll stay excited all the way to the end because this journey is worthwhile!