New project

During the Christmas holidays, an idea for a different novel came to me quite suddenly. I was so excited about it, I discussed it with my brothers, which led to an impromptu brainstorm, and after that, the first few thousand words came onto the page so quickly... so instinctively.

Lately, I think I have been missing that feeling of excitement you get when you feel like you've just discovered something special. I also think I feel all this excitement because I'm working on something fresh - variation in artwork is so refreshing, especially when the work requires so much of your time.

Alas, I am determined to juggle the two stories at the same time. The motivation to complete them both is something I will have to work to maintain. Otherwise, I will perpetually hop from project to project and never follow anything through to completion.

I wonder if it would be right to start a new blog for this new story. I am considering the title "People Matter". Or perhaps "People Are Seen".

More on this later.