Darwin Deez - You Can't Be My Girl (music video)

I am a man.

As strange as it feels to say that, I point it out because it's relevant to my writing at the moment. Let me explain how. 

While the protagonist of this story is a man, the story has some very prominent women also. 

The story is intimate. I want to draw the reader deep into the lives and the hearts of the characters.

But I'm a man. Or at least, that's what my age says. More important to my point is the fact that I'm not a woman. I don't think like a woman. Yet, here I am, attempting to write as though I did. Here I am, trying to create heroines who are strong and blessed with gifts, yet who are also flawed, and therefore real, approachable and human.

Darwin Deez - You Can't Be My Girl (music video)
How strange it is to think that I could delve into the heart of a woman.

Is it strange though? Why do I enjoy this intimacy so immensely?

The deeper I get, the more satisfying it is for me - the writer, the creator of a world. 

Granted, a world that doesn't exist. But imagine then, what it might be like for God, when he steps back and looks at what he has made: a world that truly is reality, not just a hypothetical suggestion like mine. 

Unimaginably more satisfying than this.

Darwin Deez - You Can't Be My Girl (music video),
Darwin's inescapably limited intimacy
There's a limit to how intimate I can get with my characters. Sure I know everything about them, I know their every thought and worry, I know their futures.

But they don't know me. That is the inescapable limit to our intimacy.

It's almost tragic isn't it? A one-sided relationship.

Somehow these one-sided relationships excite me!

What if God was not so much a distant onlooking figure, like Big Brother (or Darwin Deez) but instead, he could know people and they could know him? Imagine what it might be like to be that intimate with the people you've created.

Unimaginably more satisfying than this. Infinitely more.