You're like me

I do not intend to ever write an autobiography.

I thought I'd get that off my chest.

I don't think it'd be interesting enough for starters (unless I exaggerated the tales perhaps). Also, there's something about writing an autobiography that I would find deeply intrusive. And perhaps, a little traumatic if I'm honest.

Not necessarily because of past unpleasant experiences. But more because I feel like I'm very different to who I have been in the past.

You see, there, I demonstrate a part of me that perhaps won't leave me for quite some time. A part of me that always wants to get better in some way. To be wiser, to make better decisions, and to make them quicker. To make fewer mistakes.

I sound just like the protagonist in this novel. There's my problem. It seems that the further I get into this novel, the more I realise that I'm creating a protagonist that is frighteningly similar to me.

Two of the most important things I want from this book is that it is realistic, and that it is human. And I'm a human. Interesting things that I encounter in life are what inspire me to write. So perhaps all this is inevitable.

I say it again, I remind myself like a teacher telling off a pupil.
I do not intend to ever write an autobiography.