Sundays are writing days. Sunday is the day that I am free. Or at least, I have allocated that day to be the day that I am free. Monday to Saturday I think about medicine, I think about my research project, about questionnaires, and journal articles.

But if my freedom depends on the amount of (university-related) work I have, then I am definitely not free today, and I will not be for a long time.

But I am free.
Free to be who I'm meant to be.
Free from thinking all that matters is me.
Free from the lies the world tells: that life is about happiness, or money, or power, or status,
or friends and family.
For what about those who have none of these? Such convincing lies,
but I see it now.

I see. Clearer than I've ever seen.
I'm free. Freer than I've ever been.