At the moment, I'm in the middle of my summer holidays - a very fortunate position to be in. I don't have a part-time job. I tried that last summer, but nobody wanted to employ me (maybe because I wouldn't work during term time. Maybe for other reasons), and I certainly wasn't going to go back to Primark. So I have a lot of time on my hands. And there are so many ways I could spend that time.

I am a medical student, and during term time, I often lament over the lack of free time I have. I often tell myself if only I had more time, I would read certain books I've been meaning to read, or watch certain films... or clean my room.

But when I'm actually in a situation like the one I'm in now, where comparatively, I have tons of time, I still don't feel like I'm using it in the satisfyingly productive way I envisaged.

So at the moment, on most days I work on my writing. I need a routine though. It's not particularly essential now, when I don't have many commitments, and there's large windows of time in which I can slot lots of writing sessions. But term time will be here before I know it, and if I don't set a time for it, then the progress'll just slow down tremendously, or worse, take a hiatus, until the next summer. And apparently a medical student's summer gets shorter and shorter, until it's pretty much just a weekend. Or at least, that's what I hear on the grapevine.

So I'll write in the mornings for an hour before I go off to lectures. That'll probably mean going to bed an hour earlier, and using an alarm clock for a while as my body adjusts. We'll see how that goes. I've gotta be dedicated - giving time every day to it, as though it were a mealtime. Well, maybe not every day.


(Word count update: 12,788)